Starring, written and executive produced by Anya Volz and Sherm Jacobs. Directed by Zoe Camina. Produced by Ashley George and Patrick Terry. Edited by Dylan Kiely. Guest starring Ariel Leaty (UCB), Usama Siddiquee (Just For Laughs), Julia Shiplett (HBO), Kami Dimitrova (Sundance) and Andrew Casertano (Comedy Fight Club).

In December of 2018, Sherm and Anya raised over $5,000 to produce the film on IndieGoGo. The cast and crew wrapped filming in late March and is currently in post-production. The film is set to start screening in fall of 2019.

Sex Neutral is an upcoming comedic short film exploring the gray areas of sex positivity in a post-monogamous world.

Feeling powerless in their respective romantic and sexual dilemmas, two friends decide to get STI tests together. While one deals with the consequences of a positive result and diagnosis, the other must navigate a messy emotional web of her own careless design.