Photo by Mindy Tucker

Photo by Mindy Tucker


Anya Volz is a Vermont comedian and writer now based out of New York City. She earned an associate's degree in liberal arts from Community College of Vermont at the age of 18 after dropping out of high school and subsequently defending that choice to her parents' friends for years to follow. If you are her current or prospective employer, disregard that. She totally completed high school and is very normal.

Upon graduating, Anya began her venture in standup and sketch comedy in Burlington, Vermont. Within her first year she won first runner-up in the annual competition Vermont’s Funniest Comedian, and shortly after was nominated by the readers of Seven Days magazine for Vermont’s Best Standup Comic. Neither of which mean anything but it's important to her that you know about them.

She has performed in the Green Mountain Comedy Festival, Gilda’s LaughFest, Bird City Comedy Festival, Women in Comedy Festival, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, Burning Bridges Festival and has opened for several national headliners including Michael Palascak, Sasheer Zamata, Liza Treyger, Eliza Skinner, Alice Wetterlund and Godfrey. Do not ask any of these people if they remember her.

Anya currently runs the weekly standup show in Brooklyn called As If! Comedy and three monthly comedy shows: Comedy By Proxy, Living for It, and The New Comedy Project. 

She is a contributing writer and content creator for Riot Fest and the satire publication The Hard Times. She co-hosted the weekly talk radio podcast on KPISS.FM called IN THE SHWICK OF IT, may it rest in piss. She is the co-creator and co-star of the web series YONIC TONIC and has been recognized for it by strangers several times despite statistically nobody actually watching it. She recently appeared in The Special Without Brett Davis and co-stars in the upcoming series Flamingo.

Praise in the media include when Anya was once described as an "American-Apparel-Virgin-Suicides-Save-The-Last-Dance-Cruel-Intentions Queen," by a stranger.